Whilst this site is mainly aimed at providing my professional online presence, I have included this blog as it (in my opinion) fits well within this remit. As I am getting near to ending eight years in education and finding employment, I will most likely go through many stages and processes to achieve this goal. It therefore makes sense to share the parts that I find useful and warn of any non-obvious mistakes that can happen. On the most part, I am sure these will be well documented elsewhere, but I still think it a worthwhile endeavour to create a collection of my tools and experiences here.

I hope that this is useful and that at least one person finds it helpful. As previously stated, initially there may be insufficient posts to see the structure of the tags, so I have laid out the broad strokes of this structure below.



This will represent pieces of information that I think would be useful for other people in their careers, partially independent of the sector. This is further broken down into:

Improvement – by this I mean personal improvement and developing your skills.

Advice – good impartial sources of career information.

Planning – aspects of deciding how to approach career choices.

Other – items that don’t fit under the three previous sections.


Changes to the site, or just general things from the web.


Updates as to my employment or other major professional developments.


The posts will be sorted by the category, tag and time stamp of the post. This gives searching for the relevant post the greatest flexibility as so I hope the easiest way of finding the post you were looking for. These three sources of meta data are located on the right hand side under the relevant titles.