Impact of research

Key findings of the EPRSC (Engineering and Physical Science Research Council) grant awarded for my PhD

What have you discovered or developed through the research funded on this grant? Please explain for a non-specialist audience.

We have developed a set of computer-based analytical tools to allow users of acoustic sensors to predict the responses they would expect to see based upon their hypotheses of the physical system. We have also developed a new metric called the total parameter matrix sensitivity (TPM-sensitivity), which yields a single number based upon the parameters a user is trying to measure, this number representing the likelihood that exists of a physical change being observed.

In what ways might your findings be taken forward or put to use by others?

One of the key aims of this research was to give others a simple tool to use in order to predict the outcomes of experiments or test hypotheses. Previously, parts of this analysis had already been published, but the analysis was time intensive and limited to specialised research groups. By coding this analysis, users need not know the specific mathematical workings but instead have access to the analytical result. This will allow greater dissemination of the analysis and by incorporation of the TPM-sensitivity, hopefully allow other users a more rapid, detailed and rigorous analysis into their acoustic experiments.