Founder & CEO


March 2017 – Present

Description of role

I believe that everyone’s time and effort is valuable and that people should be in control of the solutions they choose to use. I believe that technology should liberate you from tasks you don’t want to do rather than add to them. Finally, I cannot believe that such a solution doesn’t already exist. This is why I founded the technology company FreeUP and why we strive to create such solutions.

My role at FreeUP is to ensure we maintain the development of our first product and that it makes it to market, providing our users with a new methodology of tackling problems in their workflows. In time this will develop into a diverse cross-section of tools to use, with us always welcoming feedback regarding what we should build next. My position requires me to perform most roles that exist within a company and to find experienced team members to strengthen areas where we are weakest. It draws upon my experience within academic research projects, industrial processing facilities and customer relationship roles to enable me to do and to plan the best path forward. As any founder will know, this is an extremely rewarding and at times demanding position. A position that is the culmination of my career so far.