University of Manchester PGRA


PostGraduate Research Assistant


October 2016 – March 2017

Description of role

My role as a postgraduate research assistant on a six-month contract working predominantly for Dr Blanford was based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. In this position, I oversaw the Masters and PhD students and liaised with Dr Blanford to ensure the optimal running of the group. This required a working knowledge of all the disparate research projects in progress and management of logistics such as stock orders and new group member safety inductions. I also acted as an intermediary for fielding questions from the students and standing in on Dr Blanford’s behalf for meetings that he could not attend.

My research focused on creating an ethanol oxygen fuel cell using redox-active enzymes. The six-month project was also in collaboration with other research institutes and private companies and culminated in a proof of principle fuel cell capable of generating useable amounts of power from this fuel source. I also helped with other experiments in the techniques that I used within my PhD.