University of Manchester PGRE


PostGraduate Research Engineer


October 2017 – Present

Description of role

I work within the IKnowFood research project, a £3.4 m project aimed at investigating the nature of resilience and how it can be promoted in three components of the food system:

  1. on farm,
  2. in the supply chain,
  3. among consumers.

Specifically, I work farmers and scientists in a technology development framework so that farmers’ existing knowledge of farm resilience, embedded in their understanding of their soils, seeds and breeds, can be supported and expanded through the application of novel, state of the art technologies.

My responsibilities focus on communicating information from both ends of the technical spectrum to farmers and researchers to ensure that the technological developments are focused and answer the most pressing questions needed to create beneficial technology. I also facilitate a number of parallel research projects required to answer the diverse problems brought up by the farmers in addition to these project’s management and reporting.