There is a difficulty with this page as I am the person authoring it and so could easily write positive things or change the quotations. I hope that if you have met me in person, my integrity is apparent, and if you have not, then I have where possible provided direct links to the people they refer to so that, if needed, you can check with them. I also include an anonymised survey that I ran from my colleagues and friends to get their honest feedback on my traits and abilities.


Professional capacity at FreeUP Ltd

“I’ve worked alongside Tom from the very outset of his endeavours with FreeUp, from the original idea and thinking about the potential for a product, to development, testing and then the commercial proposition. His hunger, energy and commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and problem-solution development is inspirational, from both personal and technical perspectives. He makes stuff happen. Besides being a hugely driven and focused individual, Tom is great company socially, with a warmth, wit and wisdom in abundance, there is never a dull moment when you’re with Tom!”

Ian Brookes – Founder & director of thestartupfactory.tech

Public speaking at the University of Manchester

“A great public speaker, delivering an extremely engaging talk and discussion at the Manchester Pint of Science event 2014. Tom explained his complex PhD research and its wide applicability to the general public through an interactive and highly interesting talk.”

Lee Dunham – Research Associate at the University of Manchester

Professional capacity at Murco Petroleum Ltd

“The ICP in the laboratory had not been providing accurate results. Tom took ownership of the ICP and was determined to fix it.
Tom was logical in his work process, identifying the issues and arranging for them to be fixed. He then confirmed the validity of the results by cross referencing with other instruments in the laboratory. Tom worked under his own direction but asked for help if required.
Tom clearly communicated his progress in a language that I, a non chemist, could understand.”

Natalie Britton – Second tier manager

Professional Capacity at Whistler Blackcomb

“He is more than capable and competent in the day-to-day operations as well as anticipating and correcting any problems that arise. Tom is an individual who possesses a strong character, an excellent work ethic and an intrinsic sense of Team. He is self-motivated and focused. Tom received high praise from all of his co-workers this season and we feel that he was an incredible asset to our team.
Tom’s ability to motivate those around him to achieve the highest standards of excellence is unparalleled. I have always found Tom to be a keen, amicable and forthright individual.”

Andrew Gunn – Direct manager

Professional capacity at University of Oxford

“Tom is a natural experimentalist. He is continually curious, self-motivated, creative and has a flexible intellect. He should be your go-to scientist for challenging problems.”

Christopher Blanford – Direct manager

Anonymised Survey

Of the 32 people that replied the following result of traits is listed below. Amongst other things, each person could select up to eight traits, these were then compared across all completed forms; those traits that were simultaneously picked in the most forms scored the most highly. The top 10 traits are listed below in descending order of score:

  1. Intelligent
  2. Adventurous
  3. Curious
  4. Inventive
  5. Entrepreneurial
  6. Risk-taking
  7. Energetic
  8. Trustworthy
  9. Precise
  10. Quirky